Welcome to Integrated Technology Lab, Inc.

At Integrated Technology Lab, we are an engineering driven company. Our main focus is in providing value-added assembly, hybrid and testing services to the Military, Aerospace and Hi-Rel Marketplace.


Government Contracting/Systems/Subsystems

Integrated Technology Lab specializes in the design and manufacturing of electronic sub-systems and modules for the Military  market. The company has developed extensive knowledge in the field of sub-contract manufacturing and assembly. Our experience ranges from the production of simple cable harnesses, to complete power distribution assemblies.


TVS - Transient Voltage Suppression

TVS diodes serve many uses in electronic applications to suppress voltage spikes and protect against ESD damage. All of Integrated technology Lab devices are 100% surge tested and can be supplied in various ‘up screened’ versions that have been exposed to levels of additional qualification and screening tests (similar to those applied to JANX military grade devices) to weed out device infant mortalities and improve reliability. Integrated Technology Lab can produce a custom TVS solution to fit your needs.


XTR 6103 Series

The XTR series hybrids provide a bi-directional conversion between 1553 Manchester encoded bi-phase signal and a TTL digital signal level. Integrated transformer provides the proper analog signal levels to the 1553 bus or stub. In addition, XTR series hybrid has programmable receive and transmit characteristics. This feature is extremely beneficial for matching transmitter and receiver characteristics to variable field conditions and for best in class performance.

As situations change, requirements change. Our Engineering staff can advise on changes in electronic packaging, manufacturing and mechanical characteristics to improve reliability, quality and lower costs.