TVS Solutions

Transient Voltage Suppression Networks

TVS diodes serve many uses in electronic applications to suppress voltage spikes and protect against ESD damage. All of Integrated technology Lab devices are 100% surge tested and can be supplied in various ‘up screened’ versions that have been exposed to levels of additional qualification and screening tests (similar to those applied to JANX military grade devices) to weed out device infant mortalities and improve reliability. Integrated Technology Lab can produce a custom TVS solution to fit your needs.

Lightning Strike and Back EMF Protection

MIL-STD compliant Diode Arrays

Specialized TVS Modules

Standard TVS Module

Discrete Diodes (Glass)

Conventional Diodes and Rectifier & Zener combinations

Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD)

Custom Diode Arrays

MIL-PRF-19500 equivliant screening

Testing Services

Semiconductor Discrete Testing:

  • Transistors
  • Diodes (Zener)
  • Rectifiers
  • Standard and Fast Recovery
  • Schottkey
  • FET Field Effect Transistors
  • J-FETS
  • Power FETS
  • AC Test Specifications

Custom Testing:

  • HFE selection
  • Voltage selection